Enemy Skill



# Name MP Learn From Description

1 Frog Song 5 Touch Me, Christopher, Toxic frog Causes [Sleepel/Frog] on all opponents
2 L4 Suicide 10 MuTrickplay Causes [Critical/Small] with levels in multiples of 4
3 Magic Hammer 3 Razor Weed Drains 100 MP out of every opponent
4 White Wind 34 ZemzelettWind Wing Restores status and HP equal to the caster's current HP to every ally
5 Big Guard 56 BeachplugWolfmeister Adds [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] to every ally
6 Angel Whisper 50 Pollensalta Revives, restores HP and status to any one ally
7 Dragon Force 19 Dark Dragon, Blue Dragon Raises the Defense and Magic Def. level of one ally
8 Death Force 3 Adamantaimai Makes any one ally immune to death
9 Flame Thrower 10 DragonArk Dragon Causes Fire damage to any single opponent
10 Laser 10 Deathclaw, Dark Dragon Lessens opponent's HP by 1/2
11 Matra Magic 8 Custom, SweeperBullmotorDeath Machine Non-elemental damage to all opponents
12 Bad Breath 58 Malboro [Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog] on all
13 Beta 35 Midgar Zolom Fire damage on all opponents
14 Aqualung 34 HarpyJenova- LIFESerpent Water damage on all opponents
15 Trine 20 Materia Keeper GodoStilva Lightning damage on all oppenents
16 Magic Breath 75 StilvaParasite Fire/Ice/Lightning damage on all opponents
17 ???? 3 JerseyBehemoth Does damage equal to user's MaxHP minus their current HP
18 Goblin Punch 0 Goblin Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
19 Chocobuckle 3 Chocobo Non-elemental damage on any one opponent equal to the number of times you have ran from battle
20 L5 Death 22 Parasite Causes [Death] to opponents with levels in multiples of 5
21 Death Sentence 10 Sneaky StepBoundfatGi Spector Pronounces death sentence on any one opponent
22 Roulette 6 Death Dealer Pronounces death on any one opponent or ally
23 Shadow Flare 100 Ultimate Weapon, Dragon Zombie Big non-elemental damage on any one opponent
24 Pandora's Box 110 Dragon Zombie Big Damage on all opponents, ignores defense